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I help peri- and post-menopausal women discover their path of least resistance to improving how their bodies look, feel, and perform.
Together, we choose, test, and evaluate small habit changes until we find the easiest and most sustainable combination for you to achieve your goals.
Are you ready to look and feel great while leaving restrictive diets and time-consuming workouts behind you?  

Click below to learn more about my nutrition coaching and fitness offerings!

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Wellness Challenges

Have fun with a group developing habits and systems that will get you eating better and practicing other good habits without restricting or feeling deprived.

Fitness Classes

Offered live on zoom and on demand. Use these to build strength, mobility, balance, and endurance. Enjoying a variety of movements and playlists in yoga, barre, and strength formats that are as fun and engaging as they are effective. You will look forward to class and love the convenience and results!


Dive deeper into simple programs to improve your nutrition and trim your waistline. Learn why earlier efforts haven’t worked long term, how to listen to hunger cues, how to balance your plate without complicated macro counters, why sleep is super important to fat loss and more

Tracey L.jpg

The overall impact I have seen in my strength, flexibility, and balance as I get older has been significant.


I was looking to build strength and flexibility and improve my balance in a supportive community of women. I found all that and more at ZFY. I tried other programs but did not stick with them because they were either too challenging, simple, repetitive, or dull. ZYF keeps me motivated. Even online and in groups, I feel like I am getting personal training.  


I originally attended ZYF classes in person but now love the online format. I still feel like I’m a part of a community and receiving high touch coaching from Julie. Julie is great at choreographing our exercises to different music each week, making each week fun, fresh, and motivating. Her form tips and modification suggestions are spot on and contribute to me getting the max benefits of each class. ZYF also provides a variety of fun challenges that inspire me to improve my nutrition and other good wellness habits.  


I enjoy ZYF classes and programs as much today and as I did when I started, and I've also made some lifelong friends.  I plan to continue to use the ZYF programs to support my goals.”


Tracey L took her first class in 2016

Martha P.jpg

“After just a few weeks I noticed I was eating better, sleeping better and just all around feeling better.


Before adding ZYF to my life, I realized that I was not as healthy as I wanted to be for a woman of my age. I was overweight and not eating a healthy diet. ZYF has been a wonderful solution for me. I enjoy the classes and look forward to working out. I like the content, the challenge, variety and support. The monthly challenges have also been educational, engaging and fun. The schedule is flexible and if I can't make a live class, I can select a recorded session. I don't feel the stress of having to physically be at a work out facility at a certain time or miss the work out.


The impact that ZYF has had is remarkable. I started to feel benefits from the program right away. The stretching and balancing are challenging but really beneficial. Some of the more difficult moves that I could not do when I started, now feel easier. I am in much better physical shape.


Overall, ZYF has been such a benefit to my life and overall health.”


Martha P. took her first class in 2018

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