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Enjoy Power Bowls!

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1. Where can I connect to share photos or ask questions?

In this group! I will be available to answer your questions, support you in finding substitutions (if needed), and cheer you on!

2. What is a ZYF Power Bowl?

A power bowl is an all-in-one meal served in a bowl that combines protein, fiber, fat, and carbs in nutritious and balanced amounts. In a world of all-or-nothing nutrition extremes, our goal is to show you what balanced eating looks and feels like.

3. I’m a busy woman! Do I have to make all four recipes?

Nope! You can choose one of the four recipes to batch cook for the week. Plus, I’ll include tips for shopping and meal prep shortcuts to minimize your time in the kitchen. Making nutrition feel easy and convenient is what we’re all about!

4. What if I have food restrictions?

No problem! You will find substitution suggestions in the recipe book, and I’ll be helping our challenge participants troubleshoot in this group.

5. Why don’t we get the recipes until May 2nd?

Part of the excitement of this challenge is doing it together. I will send everyone the recipes simultaneously so we can all share and support each other during each phase in real time!

6. Who are you?

Great question! For those that don't know me, I am Julie, founder of ZoYoga Fitness, a women’s online fitness class company. I help women find exercise that’s efficient, effective, and fun. I’ve helped 100s of women walk away from boring and inefficient exercise into lives of enjoyable and sustainable movement. I supplement our movement offerings with monthly programs and challenges like this one to provide a well-rounded fitness solution.

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What's a power bowl? Basically, a bowl of goodness that beco...


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