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Enjoy Power Bowls!

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RULE 1: Replace one meal a day with a power bowl

For five days (May 9th - 13th), you'll replace one meal daily with a power bowl balanced with protein, fiber, fat, and carbs. I recommend preparing your power bowl ingredients in advance for grab-and-go convenience.

RULE 2: Do what works for you

We all have different needs, goals, and preferences. For people to succeed with nutrition habit change, the meals they prepare and eat need to work for them. During the challenge, feel free to:

Swap in ingredients for the ones you prefer.

Increase or decrease portions.

Take any prepping or cooking shortcuts you like

Recipe Annotations:

c = cups

T = tablespoon

t = teaspoon

Sheila A Degner


What's a power bowl? Basically, a bowl of goodness that beco...


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