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Enjoy Power Bowls!

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Congratulations on signing up for the ZYF Power Bowl Challenge! You can look forward to your recipes in your email on May 2nd! In the meantime, you might be wondering…What is a ZYF Power Bowl?

A power bowl is an all-in-one meal served in a bowl. A ZYF Power Bowl is one that combines protein, fiber, fat, and carbs in nutritious and balanced amounts.

Why do balanced amounts of protein, fiber, fat, and carbs matter? The short answer is most women are not getting enough protein. This can leave them struggling with hunger and cravings or a general feeling of dissatisfaction between meals. How much protein do you need? You can find protein calculators online. Once you have your daily goal, divide it by the number of meals you typically have. For example, my ideal protein intake is 100g. I usually eat four times per day (3 meals + one protein shake per day).

100g /4 meals = 25 grams of protein per meal. Therefore my goal is to get roughly ~ 25-30g of protein per meal. (I don’t “naturally” gravitate towards high protein foods, so find it very helpful to have a protein shake once per day!) But don’t get lost down a rabbit hole of protein grams. A palm-size portion of protein is approximately 25g. It’s ok to eyeball or estimate. I do all the time! AND we’re going to make it even simpler for you during the power bowl challenge. Each recipe we send you will have at least 25g of protein in it.

What are the benefits of eating more protein?

Many women think they’re a special kind of failure because they can’t willpower their way through hunger and cravings. Maybe they just need a little more protein. In addition to curbing nighttime eating, increasing your protein intake can help you maintain or build muscle mass, maintain, or build bone density, reduce hunger and cravings, and leave you with sustained energy between meals. Although increasing protein can support fat loss goals, it truly is about your health and quality of life. All women benefit from eating in a way that supports muscle and bone health. Until next time, Julie

PS - Don’t forget to stay connected to this group. Comment, vent, or just say “hi!” Download the app and set up your notifications (ask me if you need help). I’ll be talking more about sustainable nutrition, weight loss without restriction, sharing power bowls, and answering your questions!

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