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Get Better Sleep!

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Stress, anxiety, and depression can also interfere with sleep. Some days it feels as if stress is synonymous with living in this modern world, doesn’t it? Studies show that women (women married to men, in particular) often have higher stress levels than men and the symptoms are more prevalent.

Symptoms of high stress in women include instability or anger, fatigue, lack of motivation and energy, feeling nervous, headaches, feeling depressed or sad, feeling as though you could cry, indigestion, muscular tension, and appetite changes. Women are twice as likely to suffer from anxiety and panic disorders as men. They are also more likely to suffer from PTSD and depression. All of this brings us back to the fact that most women will struggle with sleep loss during their lives. Let’s start prioritizing and addressing this very serious health issue!

Let the group know how the challenge is going for you so far. Is it difficult to stick to the good habits? Have you noticed any difference in the way you feel?


Beginning December 6 and for three weeks, we will work on im...
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