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Get Better Sleep!

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In our society, people often wear their lack of sleep as a badge of honor. It can become a contest to see who can function on the fewest hours of sleep. If you try to ignore signs that you're tired, you will eventually have to slow down. Your cognitive function wanes, you’ll get sick when your immune system is compromised, and you develop a higher risk for health conditions like diabetes.

Our bodies repair and recover as we sleep, largely because of hormone activity. Sleep reduces inflammation, keeps your immune system humming, regulates hormones, repairs damaged tissues, builds muscles and bones, restores the nervous system, and prepares the brain for the challenges of the next day.

When we're tired, tasks feel harder than they would if we had enough sleep. Getting out the door in the morning, breaking up sibling fights, your workday, creating balanced meals, exercising, discussing sensitive topics with your partner, etc. More consistency with good sleep habits will make these stressful everyday tasks you’re doing feel easier.



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