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Increase NEAT

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So, like a lot of people, I always have a long list of tasks that need to get done. Fortunately, for me, many of them don't have deadlines. So yesterday I thought "which one of these things can I do that will bring me the most activity?" And that ended up being cleaning a bunch of clothes out of our storage room that my girls have out grown. And there were a lot! So I had piles to ship back to my mom, piles to donate, piles to give away. In and out of the closet up and down off the floor several times. And even loading a couple of heavy boxes into my car and then carry them into UPS for shipping. I'd be curious to know how many calories I burn doing all that!

Sheila A Degner
Sheila A Degner
15 juin 2023

I did something similar. Except my items were not clothes. They were things that my adult children need to deal with.



NEAT is non-exercise activity thermogenesis. This is a fancy...


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