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It's our last day! Let's go out with a bang. Share your NEAT activities. I'm having lunch with a friend and then we will walk in her neighborhood after. This afternoon I'll be headed to the pool to do some powerwalking in the water. Finally, I plan to take a short walk after dinner tonight in my own neighborhood.

Sheila A Degner
Sheila A Degner
30 de jun. de 2023

I just keep doing the same things. Although, yesterday I walked the distance to an outdoor concert instead of taking the shuttle bus from the parking lot.

Also, since I have started this a challenge, my entire environment is less cluttered.

I usually leave items at the top or bottom of stairs to be put away the next time I go up or down. Now I just put things back or right away…more exercise and a neater house.



NEAT is non-exercise activity thermogenesis. This is a fancy...


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