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Journal with Paper & Pencil

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Well, I have to say journaling is very hard for me. Having said that it also makes me realize where my downfalls are. The last two days I have had grandkids for MEA and today another family of grandkids will be coming. They are my excuse for not having time to journal. My sleep has been sketchy. Lots of tossing and turning. My meal planning is healthy and consistent. I take meals to my 89 year old mom daily so this helps with my meal planning. With grandkids here I tend to wait on them and sometimes forget to eat myself. I realize this as I am finishing up their plates! I am going to miss not having garden vegetables readily available. I will need to replace with more salads. Snacking can be dangerous. Sometimes I find myself standing in the pantry searching for that perfect thing to munch on. Then I realize what I am doing and ask myself why? I have enjoyed both of your posts and I have learned that we all have our little temptations.

Julie (as a member)
Julie (as a member)
21 de out. de 2023

 you are clearly learning a lot about yourself in this process. You may not like everything you see but knowledge is power.



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