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Journal with Paper & Pencil

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I just loaded a worksheet into the files. You can print 7 and use them all week or print 1 and take your notes on a piece of paper. Remember these tips.


Be honest: Don't hold back or sugarcoat things. Being truthful in your journal is crucial. Sharing your observations is optional. You can only know you've improved if you know what's really going on as you start.

Observe without judgment. If you see something you don’t love, don’t beat yourself up. Rather, stay curious. Think about the changes you'd like to see and what led you to where you are now. The goal is to understand, not criticize.

Pay attention to your feelings: As you write, notice how you feel about your habits. It's totally valid to have emotions come up! Just remember not to get too caught up in them. Make a note of your feelings but stay focused on the observations.

Following these guidelines and keeping things honest and curious will give you a clear picture of your sleep, nutrition, and movement habits. With this self-awareness, you can make smart choices and positive changes for your well-being.

Your journal is your space to observe and learn. Keep it casual; keep it real.



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