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Who knows what your maintenance calorie number is? You don't have to share the actual number, but you can if you want to. But please DO share IF you know the number.

Mine is 2000. So if I maintain my current level of movement and average 2,000 calories daily through the holidays, I will not gain any holiday weight.

8 Tips for Staying Healthy Through the Holidays. The Nutrition Science Podcast.

The average person gains weight during the time between Thanksgiving and New Years. We tend to be off of our schedule, traveling more, celebrating more, spending time with family and all of these can lead to poor sleep, eating, and exercise habits.

While I am not here to encourage you to skip all of this, I do want you to make it through the holiday season feeling good heading into the new year. Tune in to learn more!

If you are having trouble consistently using the app to track, I have this alternative for you -

Introducing the Handwritten Journal

The purpose of this:

So here we are in the stretch between Thanksgiving and Christmas. How we handle these four weeks will significantly impact whether we gain holiday weight this year. So, let's stay mindful of the right things.

Here are some positive thoughts for you to try on:

"Parties and family gatherings are high-quality eating moments that I can enjoy. Standing before my pantry or watching TV is not a high-quality eating moment. I will prioritize high-quality eating opportunities. "

Sheila A Degner

Have you gathered enough data ( tracked enough days) to calculate an average number of calories per day? Or at least take a stab at an estimate? If so, here's the next step:

  1. Calculate the average number of calories you are consuming daily.

  2. Weigh yourself and see if your weight has increased, stayed the same or decreased.

o If your weight has not changed by more than 1% since last week, go to goals and enter your average number of calories from last week into the app as your goal for next week.


Yes, you can avoid weight gain over the holidays! The holida...


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