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Prioritize Protein

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Great podcast on protein.

If you don't use Apple podcast, just search for "nutrition science podcast" wherever you listen to podcasts.

Sheila A Degner

I had no idea what little protein I was eating. We have a large garden and during the summer my focus is using garden fresh veggies. I now know to incorporate more protein to my daily diet. I am sure my endurance level will increase and overall health will improve. Always love learning new ways to eat better and live healthier.

Sheila A Degner
Julie (as a member)
30 Days of Habits
Prioritize Protein

Some days were more successful than others. Winging it was not as successful as planning it, especially starting off in a deficit first meal in the morning.

What I noticed this week was that I felt full and strong. When I did only keto, I was so tired all the time and didn't want to workout, I felt full then, too, but no carbs snd no energy was not a positive life style change - I liked how I felt this week.

Prioritize Protein
7 Day Journal

I am going to try to be better about pre-planning my meals. I have been pretty bad about that the last couple months .

Sheila A Degner


For seven days will will Prioritize Protein. Why? Because m...


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