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Prioritize Protein

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Stacy Marek
30 Days of Habits
Prioritize Protein

i didn’t focus on as much lean protein as yesterday but did a good job cooking with what I had on hand and plenty of leftovers from freezer portions.

for future meals, i made a big batch of quinoa ( 8 grams protein per cup) to use instead of rice and air fried chicken breasts from frozen (360 degrees, 15 min, flipping once). I will mix with Good and Gather (Target) masala sauce one meal, soy sauce and veggies another, and a Mediterranean salad ( Costco bagged salad) with canned beans, feta. Today 94 grams protein

breakfast - protein coffee (two scoops collagen. Protein powder) plus cottage cheese

lunch - leftover chicken tortellini / veggies

dinner - meatloaf ( Betty Crocker recipe), quinoa and veggies

two pieces of chocolate- no protein but worth it

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For seven days will will Prioritize Protein. Why? Because m...


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