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Prioritize Protein

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Build Your Plate for Success

1. Select 5-6 oz clean, lean animal protein (30+ grams). Eat this first!

2. Add 2-3+ servings of non-starchy vegetables (1 serving = 1 cup fresh or ½ cup cooked). Eat these next—more is better.

3. Add 0-2 servings of slow-low carbs—max 2-4 per day, including 1-2 servings of fruit max per day (1 serving = 20-25 grams). Add 1-2 more servings to your day if exercising heavily.

4. Add 1-4 servings of healthy fats (1 serving = 10 grams)—max 6-9 per day. Remember to count the fats in your protein, or any healthy fat you cook with.


For seven days will will Prioritize Protein. Why? Because m...


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