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Prioritize Protein

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30 Days of Habits
Prioritize Protein

I added lots of protein today but it wasn’t as lean as it could have been. I usually have premier protein shakes ( love the premier brand from Costco) within 30 min of walking up.

Greek yogurt, cottage cheese For working lunch.

Salmon and microwaved/ steam in bag veggies for dinner.

i try to cook once and eat twice with meats. I bought salmon from cub and had it with cooked broccoli. (They sell microwave in parchment single meals - AMAZING Flavor) and ease. I’ll have the other part of salmon with a salad for lunch.

I will often get a rotisserie chicken from Costco for kids’ meals (pasta or quesadilla I don’tatnd then have chicken on my salads for dinner.

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For seven days will will Prioritize Protein. Why? Because m...


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