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Prioritize Protein

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Prioritize Protein
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I'm still catching up on the To Do List but happy to join in - and even happier to gain inspiration from others. I've been in a rut in my diet and though I think I'm adding protein, I probably can do better. My typical breakfast = Greek yogurt with fruit, granola, and raw almonds OR I have peanut butter on toast. As it gets cooler, I'd love to eat oatmeal with almond milk but I'm not sure that's very protein rich. (I do like almond milk in my coffee.) My lunches at work are usually vegetarian frozen entrees, but today I changed things and had a hard boiled eggs + grilled veggies with hummus. Again, maybe not enough protein but also less sodium, etc. Dinners = meat and veggie. Tonight we had pork, sautéed mushrooms, mashed potatoes and asparagus. I hope to have a big salad with more hard boiled egg later this week, along with enchiladas or burritos. (Mexican food is my default.)

Sheila A Degner
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Stacy Marek
12 sept 2023

same breakfast here- love the Greek yogurt, granola with almonds and walnuts

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For seven days will will Prioritize Protein. Why? Because m...


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