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Read Atomic Habits & Discuss

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Julie Zoril
February 26, 2023 · changed the group description.

We will read and discuss (in the group) "Atomic Habits" by James Clear.

Here's a rundown of the subjects/ideas in the book. I will post these book sections in the group as we go for comments and discussion.

author's story

the surprising power of atomic habits

how our habits shape our identity (and vice versa)

how to build better habits in 4 simple steps

the man who didn't look right

the best way to start a new habit

motivation is overrated - environment often matters more

the secret to self-control

how to make a habit irresistible

the role of family and friends in shaping our habits

how to find and fix the causes of bad habits

walk slowly but never backward

the law of least effort

how to stop procrastinating by using the two-minute rule

how to make good habits inevitable and bad habits impossible

the cardinal rule of behavior change

how to stick with good habits every day

how an accountability partner can change everything

the truth about talent (when genes matter and when they don't)

the goldilocks rule - how to stay motivated in life and work

the downside of creating good habits

the secret to results that last

what should we read next

little lessons from the four laws

how to apply these ideas to business and parenting


We will read and discuss (in the group) "Atomic Habits" by J...
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