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Reconnect To Your Hunger Cues!

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How are these exercises going for you? What do you think is challenging? Have you learned something surprising? Please comment below.

Introducing . . . The Hunger Fullness Scale

The hunger/full scale aims to give you a reference for assessing your internal cues.

As you get close to mealtimes, notice where you are on the scale.

During the meal, pause and check in when you are 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4 through your meal.

If you often start eating at 5, see if you can wait until 4 at least some of the time. Then, work gradually to do this more often.

If you regularly eat to an 8, see if you can put down the fork at least some of the time when you hit a 7. Then, work gradually to most of the time.

You may find the urge to eat happens when you know you aren’t physically hungry. Don’t judge yourself for that! Instead, attempt to find out what you actually want – comfort, fun, connection, relaxation, distraction, etc.

If you have a fat loss goal, you can play with these numbers to determine what brings you a slow, steady loss. Let's day you notice you regularly eat when you are at 4 and stop at 7, but you are not losing a pound a week at these numbers. Try waiting until you are at 3 or stopping at 6. And when that feels doable, do both.

Thanks for reading! And thanks for practicing with me!


Listening to your internal cues will help you shift from ext...


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