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Reconnect To Your Hunger Cues!

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Concerning listening to your hunger and fullness cues, what is one thing you can do a little bit better today than you did yesterday?

Here's mine. I'm on vacation in TX. We went to an excellent tex mex restaurant last night. I ate past fullness. That's OK because my goal is not to never eat past fullness. Sometimes I need to honor my current self rather than my future self. However, today, I will not eat past fullness.

How about you? Please share something in the comments.

Jeanie Faue
Apr 28, 2023

Love that you shared you ate past fullness! I am learning in the afternoon when I find myself in the pantry it is NOT a hunger cue, merely a habit that I am working on changing.



Listening to your internal cues will help you shift from ext...


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