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Minnesota In-Person Classes

Minnesota Class Notes

  • All Minnesota in-person classes are 60 minutes.

  • Indoor classes locations:

    • Ultimate Martial Arts, 147 Hamel Road, Medina. Park on Mill Street.

    • Just for Kix, 50 Westfalen Trail, Medina, MN 55340. Park behind Aldi.

  • In nice weather, classes happen outdoors under a picnic awning on the Mill Street side of Hamel Legion Park. From Hwy 55 and Sioux Drive (by the Medina Aldi), drive up the hill until you must stop. Then take a right and then a quick left onto Mill Street. You will see the picnic awning on the right with convenient parking. Allow extra time for your first class. 

  • Please use the contact form for questions

Minnesota Class Schedule

Class Name
Yoga Sculpt
Therapeutic Yoga
Power Barre
Strength, Cardio & Core

Minnesota Class Descriptions, Equipment and Booking

Barre Fusion Zoom

Power Barre In Person

Description: Ballet-inspired movements, yoga, and traditional sculpting exercises


Benefits: Strengthen and tone the body and increase flexibility.


Suggested equipment: weights, mat, stretchy band, squeezable ball 

Barre Power In Person

Yoga Sculpt In Person

Description: Creative sequences with free weights. Yoga poses with squats, lunges, and bicep curls. Upbeat tracks.


Benefits: Enjoy all the metabolism-boosting and strength training advantages of a workout class with all the mental and emotional focus of a yoga class.


Equipment Suggestions: mat, 2 sets of weights, a long stretchy band, and a squeezable ball.

Circuit Training Zoom

Strength, Cardio & Core In Person

Description: Movement against resistance with alternating emphasis on cardio and core. No choreography but plan to move to the beat. 


Benefits: Enjoy easier performance of daily activities requiring strength and agility. 


Suggested equipment: mat, two sets of weights (5lb. and 8lb. recommended)

Drum Fusion in Person

Therapeutic Yoga In Person

Description: Yoga meets physical therapy. Enjoy a mix of flowing postures to build heat and held postures. Therapeutic modifications offered. 


Benefits: Improve alignment, build strength, and increase stamina.

Equipment Suggestions: mat, block(s), strap(s).