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North Carolina In-Person Classes

North Carolina Class Notes

  • All North Carolina in-person classes are 45-60 minutes

  • Location information coming soon. 

  • Please use contact form for questions and requests

North Carolina Class Schedule

Class Name
Slow Flow Yoga

North Carolina Class Descriptions, Equipment and Booking

Barre Fusion Zoom

Barre Fusion In Person

Description: Ballet-inspired movements, yoga, and traditional sculpting exercises


Benefits: Strengthen and tone the body, improve cardiovascular fitness, and increase flexibility.


Suggested equipment: mat, 2 sets of weights (2-5lbs recommended), vertical barre or something else for balance, a squeezable ball, padding for knees

Barre Power In Person

Yoga Slow Flow In Person

Description: Flowing movement and smooth transitions and longer stretches. No high to low planks in this class.


Benefits: Work through your body aches and busy mind. This movement will promote joint health, flexibility, circulation, and mental focus.


Suggested equipment: mat, block(s), strap

Circuit Training Zoom

Drum Fitness In Person

Description: A mix of strength training exercises, cardio, barre, Pilates, yoga, and drumming.


Benefits: Boost brain cells, relive stress and get stronger


Suggested equipment: mat, a set of drumsticks or some long-handled spoons, set of weights (5 lb. recommended), padding for knees

Drum Fusion in Person

Yoga Groove In Person

Description: A yoga sculpt class set to music. Flow from one pose to the next or pulse within a single pose to the beat. Yoga for people that want to move!


Benefits: Enjoy all the metabolism-boosting and strength training advantages of a workout class with all the mental and emotional focus of a yoga class.


Recommended equipment: mat, 2 sets of weights (3 and 5 lbs. recommended), long stretchy band