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10 Common Nutrition Issues That Hold People Back From Achieving Their Fat Loss Goals

  1. Low Protein Consumption: Appropriate levels of protein have a huge impact on hunger, cravings, and appetite levels.

  2. High Fat Consumption: Some people are surprised to learn the level of fat in commonly consumed items such as eggs, meat, salad dressings, cheese. etc.

  3. Overdrinking Evenings + Weekends: Getting honest with yourself about the nutritional imbalance of your evenings and weekends can be a major turning point in your journey. Often small changes here can make a big difference.

  4. Underestimating the energy in sweets/treats: It’s important to not moralize any of your favorite foods. This isn't about being black and white; it's about being objective and honest. Again, small changes have an impact.

  5. No strategy or plan for 3PM onwards: Put some thought and intention into why and what you can do to make things go better in the late afternoons and evenings.

  6. Resistance to an earlier bedtime: Sleep deprivation holds many people hostage, making them feel powerless to their unhealthy habits.

  7. Resistance to planning or prepping meals: Having protein, fruits, and vegetables on hand as these items make up the bulk of a balanced meal. It can be simple.

  8. Resistance to sitting with uncomfortable feelings: Instead of treating your uncomfortable feelings like something to "get rid of," welcome them in. This can give them less power.

  9. Prioritizing attempts at perfection instead of consistently striving to do well: Success comes from imperfect action and consistently pursuing "good."

  10. Resistance to doing an honest assessment of habits: Even a simple paper and pencil journal can lead to success.


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