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My Health & Wellness Minimums

My health and wellness habits have been consistently good for the last several months. Not consistently perfect, but consistently good. 

  • I do structured exercise for at least 30 minutes most days

  • I average more than 10K steps per day 

  • I eat at least 100 grams of protein most days

  • I've been averaging a small calorie deficit for the last few months that has resulted in a 10 lb weight loss

But I'm going to an all-inclusive resort for 7 days next week. Oh my! 

In the past, I just did whatever without a plan and then had some underlying bad feelings about it. And then I had this sense that I needed to "start over" when I got home. I'd like this time to be different but I have no interest in hindering my ability to fully enjoy this vacation.

So I thought to myself, what smallish and relatively easy commitments can I make that I will feel good about AND will not hinder enjoying my vacation at all? I brainstormed a longer list and then decided on these three:

  1. 5K steps per day

  2. some protein with every meal

  3. a full glass of water with every meal

So for the first time, I have a plan. And I'm leaving no room for negative thoughts if I indulge. Because my head will be full of positive thoughts about honoring my minimums.

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Love it! Enjoy!

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