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Ready to 
look and feel like you did 
10 years ago?


Get slimmer and healthier and enjoy a life full of energy, activity, and comfort!

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FACT - Getting and staying slim and strong as we age is a struggle for most women.


Are you noticing your energy, waistline, and even your general sense of well-being isn’t what it used to be?


Maybe you’ve tried to get into a fitness or better nutrition routine but are struggling to make something stick?

Did you know you can get stronger, look slimmer, and feel younger without killing yourself on the mat, hating the process, and feeling deprived?

ZoYoga Fitness & Nutrition is an
all-in-one solution for women who want to turn back the clock to feel how they did a decade ago.


Rave Reviews From Current Members


The overall impact I have seen in my strength, flexibility, and balance as I get older has been significant.

I was looking to build strength and flexibility and improve my balance in a supportive community of women. I found all that and more at ZFY. I tried other programs but did not stick with them because they were either too challenging, simple, repetitive, or dull. ZYF keeps me motivated. Even online and in groups, I feel like I am getting personal training.

originally attended ZYF classes in person but now love the online format. I still feel like I’m a part of a community and receiving high-touch coaching from Julie. Julie is great at choreographing our exercises to different music each week, making each week fun, fresh, and motivating. Her form tips and modification suggestions are spot on and contribute to me getting the max benefits of each class. ZYF also provides a variety of fun challenges that inspire me to improve my nutrition and other good wellness habits.

I enjoy ZYF classes and programs as much today as I did when I started, and I've also made some lifelong friends.  I plan to continue to use the ZYF programs to support my goals.

Tracey L took her first class in 2016

Sheila D.jpg

I look stronger, feel better, and have more confidence than I have had in years.

I previously struggled to get into a fitness routine because I didn’t know how I was going to commit to a studio schedule. I didn’t feel I could fit in “one more thing.” But I wanted to improve my balance and increase my strength and flexibility. I thought that yoga might meet that objective.  I had never tried yoga and was self-conscious about participating with a group of people.  ZYF offered a way to try classes from my home, so I signed up for the free trial.

I've stayed with ZYF because it turned out to be perfect for me.  In my home, I don’t feel awkward when I am unsure about what I’m doing.  My balance, strength, and flexibility are improving.  I love the accountability and sense of community the monthly challenges bring to the program.  And there's a fantastic video library that allows me the flexibility to complete a workout on my own schedule when I can’t attend a live class.

ZYF has given me the support and accountability that I needed to make fitness a routine.  I no longer view fitness as “one more thing” in my day.  It is a lifestyle.

Sheila D. took her first class in 2023

Martha P.jpg

After just a few weeks I noticed I was eating better, sleeping better and just all around feeling better.

Before adding ZYF to my life, I realized that I was not as healthy as I wanted to be for a woman of my age. I was overweight and not eating a healthy diet. ZYF has been a wonderful solution for me. I enjoy the classes and look forward to working out. I like the content, the challenge, the variety, and the support. The monthly challenges have also been educational, engaging, and fun. The schedule is flexible and if I can't make a live class, I can select a recorded session. I don't feel the stress of having to physically be at a workout facility at a certain time or miss the workout.

The impact that ZYF has had is remarkable. I started to feel the benefits of the program right away. The stretching and balancing are challenging but really beneficial. Some of the more difficult moves that I could not do when I started, now feel easier. I am in much better physical shape.

Overall, ZYF has been such a benefit to my life and overall health.

Martha P. took her first class in 2018


Look forward to these sustainable results . . .


A toned body


Simplified nutrition


Less body fat (but not less muscle)


Increased enjoyment of the activities you love

TRUTH - I don’t do burpees or restrictive diets.

My name is Julie Zoril and I went on my first diet when I was 13 and did my first exercise video when I was 18. I struggled. 

Until I discovered...


Every exercise is more fun than great music!


It doesn’t have to be high impact to burn calories!


Nutrition can be simple, and I don’t have to give up my favorite foods to be at a healthy weight and be happy with how I look!


Lots of variety of movement rather than too many reps of the same thing leads to fast toning and staying injury free!

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I have hundreds of hours of training and more than a decade of leading classes and programs. I am qualified to be your guide. But my special sauce is offerings that are fun, fast and effective.  


This is an all-in-one solution for women who want to turn back the clock to feel how they did a decade ago.

No exercises you hate, no restrictive dieting. Just effective and sustainable movement and nutrition coaching that will make you look and feel younger.

You can start small and develop easy habits and still quickly notice a difference. ZYF offerings meet you where you are and give a steady path to progress. You will not just be showing up just because you should. You will look forward to it!

Together we will emphasize habit change and building systems so that you don’t have to rely on willpower to keep going (because science has proven that doesn’t work). And you don't have to change everything about your life to see progress. You will have plenty of time and emotional energy for the things that matter to you.

Did you know you can get stronger, look slimmer, and feel younger without killing yourself on the mat, hating the process, and feeling deprived?

You may be one of the many women who have sadly tried and quit several times. Not because you aren’t totally capable but simply because you have not found the plan that was:









Until now!  My mission is to help as many women as possible be healthy, confident, and comfortable in their bodies and stay that way! 

My solution has three pillars. You can use as many as you need. But together, they are magic.

Monthly Wellness Group Challenges

Have fun with a group developing habits and systems that will get you eating better and practicing other good habits without restricting or feeling deprived.


Fitness Classes

Offered live on Zoom and on demand. Use these to build strength, mobility, balance, and endurance. Enjoying a variety of movements and playlists in yoga, barre, and strength formats that are as fun and engaging as they are effective. You will look forward to class and love the convenience and results!

Private Nutrition Coaching

Dive deeper into simple programs to improve your nutrition and trim your waistline. Learn why earlier efforts haven’t worked long term, how to listen to hunger cues, how to balance your plate without complicated macro counters, why sleep is super important to fat loss and more.


First Two Weeks of Fitness Free!


Join hundreds of other women who are using these programs to turn back time and love how they look and feel

Fifteen-minute strategy call with me. We can discuss your goals and see how my offerings can improve your life. You will not struggle to get started. Together, we will get you going with ease.

But that’s not all! Check out these amazing bonuses you can get if you sign up today!


1:1 Personal Nutrition Coaching for the Price of Group Coaching


The membership does not lock you in.

My average member has been with me for years because once they reach their initial goals, they find these programs to be the easiest way to maintain their results and work towards new goals.

However, you can leave whenever you want. I do not require you to stay for many months or give me notice when you want to leave. I don’t even act as a gatekeeper. You can go into your account at any time and cancel your membership. Once canceled, you will NOT be billed again. Promise!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will it take to see results?
    In surveys, clients report seeing initial results in just a couple of weeks. They feel easier mobility first, then more strength, then they notice their body is more tone.
  • Does this really work?
    Yes! Because our 45-minute classes are a well-rounded balance of strength, cardio and mobility work. We transition quickly and pack a lot into 45 minutes. And our nutrition programs are easy and fun. We start with small sustainable habits and build on them to get forever results.
  • Who are you?
    Great question! I am Julie and I founded ZoYoga Fitness in 2009. I’ve helped 100s of women walk away from boring and inefficient exercise and nutrition plans into lives of enjoyable and sustainable movement and eating.
  • I’m out of shape/have an injury/haven’t worked out in a long time. Will I be able to keep up with the fitness classes?
    Yes. I offer lots of options during class so every person can be successful. There are new clients taking classes all the time and long term clients still take advantage of options. We are not synchronized swimmers and we should not all the be doing the same thing.
  • I’m short on time. How much time will I need to get results?
    You will notice a difference if you do as little as one class per week and one challenge a month. Before long, you will want to do more.

What is included in the fitness is membership and what is the cost?

Unlimited access to up to six live Zoom classes each week

$99 per month

Unlimited access to on-demand fitness and yoga classes including new links each week

$49 per month

Unlimited access to the online fat-loss programs

$49 per month

Total Value:

$197 per month

Regular price:

$99 per month

Limited time offer: Two Week Trial and then just $29 a month.

This is a beta offer and will only be available to about 50 new members.

However, when the prices go back up, you will get to keep YOUR discounted price for the life of your membership.

Your transformation begins with three easy steps



Decide if you want to start with fitness or nutrition or both and sign up for the appropriate plan.


Schedule your strategy session with me so we can get you off to an easy and successful start.


Start enjoying the program!  (Before or after our strategy session)


My programs are for you if . . ..


You are looking for simple and sustainable solutions


You don’t want to spend a lot of time on a program that just leads to another crash and burn


You want to be stronger, look slimmer and feel younger

You have finally found a plan that works!

You have a life to live. There’s no time to micromanage your exercise and nutrition habits or keep dumping all your energy into programs that don’t last. You don’t want to sign up for another program that doesn’t work with your life.

I will help you get started and find a sustainable schedule that you can enjoy for a long time. Get ready to start enjoying a healthier lifestyle!


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