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  1. In consideration of the risks associated with any fitness activity and as consideration for the right to participate, I release and fully discharge ZoYoga & Fitness LLC (ZYF) and all its employees, owners, or agents from all liability, claims, damages, or injuries directly or indirectly arising out of my participation in any ZYF fitness class or my relationship with ZYF including but not limited to any virus-related illness and/or any harm or injury on or around our premises.

  2. I understand that it is my responsibility to obtain clearance from my health care provider to participate in this or any exercise program. I have none of the following conditions, OR I have permission from my doctor to attend this class despite having one or more of the following conditions: Heart condition; chest pain when I do physical activity; any chest pain in the past month; loss of balance because of dizziness or loss of consciousness; bone or joint problem (for example, back knee or hip) that could be made worse by a change in my physical activity; the need for any medications (for example, water pills) for blood pressure or a heart condition; pregnancy; any other reason I know of why I should not do physical activity.

  3. If I am under 18 years of age, I have disclosed that information, and my parent &/or guardian will sign & date this document on my behalf.

  4. I understand that any fees paid are non-refundable, expiration dates are not extendable, and class packs/memberships are not sharable.

  5. I agree to the ZYF cancellation policy and consent to any charges or fees associated with late cancellations. 

  6. I authorize ZYF to send me emails from the reservation system, Gmail, or any other program used by ZYF. I will not unsubscribe/opt-out as long as I continue to attend ZYF classes. 

  7. I understand that photos and/or videos and/or recordings may be taken during, before, and after class. I consent to those and their use for promotional purposes or later viewing by instructors, other clients, and prospective clients.  

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