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Tracey L_edited.jpg

Tracey L
first class - 2016

I was looking to build strength and flexibility and improve my balance in a supportive community of women. I found all that and more at ZFY.

I tried other programs but did not stick with them because they were either too challenging, simple, repetitive, or dull. ZYF keeps me motivated. Even online and in groups, I feel like I am getting personal training.  

I originally attended ZYF classes in person but now love the online format. I still feel like I’m a part of a community and receiving high touch coaching from Julie.

Julie is great at choreographing our exercises to different music each week, making each week fun, fresh, and motivating. Her form tips and modification suggestions are spot on and contribute to me getting the max benefits of each class.

ZYF also provides a variety of fun challenges that inspire me to improve my nutrition and other good wellness habits.  

I enjoy ZYF classes and programs as much today and as I did when I started, and I've also made some lifelong friends. The overall impact I have seen in my strength, flexibility, and balance as I get older has been significant. I plan to continue to use the ZYF programs to support my goals.

Martha P_edited.jpg

Martha P
first class -2018

Before adding ZYF to my life, I realized that I was not as healthy as I wanted to be for a woman of my age. I was overweight and not eating a healthy diet.


ZYF has been a wonderful solution for me. I enjoy the classes and look forward to working out. I like the content, the challenge, variety and support. The monthly challenges have also been educational, engaging and fun. The schedule is flexible and if I can't make a live class, I can select a recorded session. I don't feel the stress of having to physically be at a work out facility at a certain time or miss the work out.


The impact that ZYF has had is remarkable. I started to feel benefits from the program right away. After just a few weeks I noticed I was eating better, sleeping better and just all around feeling better. The stretching and balancing are challenging but really beneficial. Some of the more difficult moves that I could not do when I started, now feel easier. I am in much better physical shape.


Overall, ZYF has been such a benefit to my life and overall health.

Sheila D_edited.jpg

Sheila D
first class -2023

I previously struggled to get into a fitness routine because I didn’t know how I was going to commit to a studio schedule.  I didn’t feel I could fit in “one more thing.” But I wanted to improve my balance and increase my strength and flexibility.  I thought that yoga might meet that objective.  I had never tried yoga and was self-conscious about participating with a group of people.  ZYF offered a way to try classes from my home, so I signed up for the free trial.   


I've stayed with ZYF because it turned out to be perfect for me.  In my home, I don’t feel awkward when I am unsure about what I’m doing.  My balance, strength, and flexibility are improving.  I love the accountability and sense of community the monthly challenges bring to the program.  And there's a fantastic video library that allows me the flexibility to complete a workout on my own schedule when I can’t attend a live class.


 ZYF has given me the support and accountability that I needed to make fitness a routine.  I no longer view fitness as “one more thing” in my day.  It is a lifestyle.  I look stronger, feel better, and have more confidence than I have had in years. 

Jennifer T_edited.jpg

Jennifer T
first class - 2016

ZYF has been the perfect way for me to be consistent with my exercise. I can log in and do any of the library of videos or click on one of the video recordings that was done in the past few weeks. I love it because it doesn't take me 10 minutes to drive to the gym and another 10 minutes to wait for an instructor. I can do it whenever I want, even while I'm doing laundry!


The exercises that Julie provides work many parts of the body at the same time, all while improving strength, cardio health, and flexibility. I have noticed that when I watch exercise segments on talk shows, I think, "I do that - Julie has that in our routine!" When talking with my colleague about her dad's physical therapy experience, I realized that the exercises they were asking him to do are exercises I am doing in my workouts with Julie.


Along with the workouts being up-to-date, I appreciate that Julie does the workouts with us rather than just telling us what to do. It inspires me to keep up with her and I feel good that I can do most of what she does. 

Jeanie F 2_edited.jpg

Jeanie F
first class - 2016

I was looking for a women's exercise group to help tone my body and build strength and confidence while not being intimidated. I found just what I was looking for at ZYF. 

Julie brings variety to classes. The classes alternate formats and are choreographed to new playlists each week. I always look forward to learning what kind of music I will be exercising to. 


The classes utilize functional movement and balance work and have improved all areas of my body. We begin with dynamic stretching and keep things moving with core, cardio, and building upper and lower body strength. We end with more stretching and take a moment to acknowledge our strengths and our commitments to health and wellness. 


I enjoy the monthly group incentives. Being a part of the groups and chatting with others about successes and challenges is fun. 


Lastly, I appreciate the flexibility of classes. I can join live classes or attend a recorded class when more convenient. 


ZYF is the best bargain around!


Gianna B
first class - 2018

ZYF is having an ongoing positive impact on my health journey.


Julie has a contagious passion for health and a commitment to a growth mindset. She is engaging and available for questions, ideas, and helpful personalized suggestions.


The combination of scheduled live classes and on-demand recordings works really well for me and my busy life. I benefit from the accountability and appreciate the community I find in the scheduled live classes. I enjoy seeing the familiar faces of other participants while live online. I use the on-demand recordings when travel or other scheduling issues keep me from attending as many live classes as I'd like to.


The monthly challenges are a fun way to engage in healthy activities and participate in the ongoing conversation of self-care.


Since joining ZYF, I have shifted from seeing working out as something I have to do to something I want to do, which has contributed significantly to my ability to stay consistent with my healthy routines.

Jolene C Headshot cropped_edited.jpg

Jolene C
first class - 2011

It's funny that I wasn't even interested in yoga, but my neighbor was, and she wanted somebody to try with her.  A dozen years later, I am still taking ZYF classes for so many reasons. 


The fitness classes aren't just "yoga." (Those classes are Thursday nights) The other live classes alternate between barre fusion, drum fitness, and yoga groove.  That variety is so good.  Julie works hard on the playlists so that the music and the moves are basically choreographed each week.  This makes the class really enjoyable for me. 


I prefer live classes, as it makes me more accountable (to myself). However, if I have had a busy week and have missed a live class or two, I can turn to the library.  It has so many recorded class options to choose from, and then I can work out at a convenient time. 


I enjoy working out at home, and this is an excellent program at an affordable price.  The positive impact on my physical and mental health is priceless.

Cindy P_edited.jpg

Cindy P
first class - 2023

I've never been much of an "exerciser" other than walking a lot. I'm now 65 and want to maintain/increase balance and flexibility. Yoga was suggested to me. ZYF's Zoom offerings appealed to me since this is my first time doing it - I wanted to avoid falling over and looking stupid! 


Now that I'm doing it, I really like the flexibility of the live Zoom. And I like accessing the library when I can't make it live. 


While my favorite is Slow Flow Yoga, I have also dipped my toes into other classes to see what they're about.


Since starting just a few months ago, I've noticed increased flexibility, strength, and balance, and I feel more confident about moving my body.

Barbara R.jpg

Barbara R
first class - 2022

My hot yoga studio was shut down for Covid, and I wanted to keep up my flexibility and strengthening routine. 


At ZYF, I found a well-rounded, at-home, flexible workout that includes weights in a fun and varied routine. And with only a 45-minute time commitment, there is no need to wimp out. I start the session, and I'm well on my way. 


It has been a great way for me to mix up my old, tired fitness program--adds punch, creativity, and new moves. I look forward to the weekly email with new recordings. Sometimes I choose one based on the playlist - sometimes for the format.


Barre Fusion is my favorite! Each session has enough variety to keep me interested. I am not coordinated and was never a "dancer," yet I enjoy the simple choreography, and it improves my mind and coordination. I'm also enjoying Julie's newly created routines in the new Progressive Strength program. 


Taking these classes has been super fun and surprisingly motivating! I have discovered and strengthened muscles I didn't know existed AND learned a few dance moves (this from a very uncoordinated person!)

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