What are your covid protocols?

We practice physical distancing and hold as many classes outdoors as possible. Most classes are offered by zoom. Vacinated people do not need to wear masks.  Unvaccinated people need to wear a mask when in person and indoors. We disinfect equipment between uses.


I’m out of shape/have an injury/haven’t worked out in a long time. Will I be able to keep up? 

We offer lots of options during each class so every person can be successful. We have new clients in our classes all the time and we have long term clients that still take advantage of options. We are not synchronized swimmers and we should not be doing the same thing all the time.  


I don’t usually enjoy exercise. Why might this be different? 

We know that the best exercise class for you is the one you will keep coming back to. We work hard to make our classes fun with great music and a variety of movement.


What benefits can I hope to realize in ZYF classes?

In surveys, members report increased strength and mobility and decreased weight, pain, and stress. They also report enjoying our community.


What will I pay as a new client and an ongoing member? 

We have a new client special and great membership packages. Check out the Purchase page on this site for details.  


Where can I find class descriptions?  

Check out the Schedule page on this site. If you click on any class name, you will see a description.  


Should I make a reservation? 

Yes. Check out the Schedule page on this site for availability. 


If I can’t make it to class, should I cancel my reservation?

For in-person classes, yes. Check out the Schedule page on this site for availability. For zoom classes, you do not need to cancel and we send “no shows” the recording of the class


I’m not sure your class times will work for my schedule. What are my options?

You have two!  You can take on-demand classes from our Content Library at any time OR you can sign up for a zoom class and when you “no show” you will receive the recording from that class with 24 hours.


Are your classes heated? 

No. We keep our studio comfortably cool. We encourage clients to ask the instructor to adjust the temperature as needed.   


Do you have mirrors in the studio? 

Not many. The mirrors in the studio are primarily for the instructor to use when they need to turn their back to you. At ZYF, we focus on how poses and movements feel (functional) rather than how they look (aesthetic).  


What should I wear? 

Comfortable clothing you can move in. Keep in mind, your upper body may be upside down at times, so think about that when choosing your shirt. Refrain from wearing any scents. In the winter, bring a long-sleeved layer and socks. We do not wear any shoes in the studio.   


What should I bring? 

Water and a mat if you have one. We also have both available in the studio for your convenience.  


When does the lobby open/When should I arrive

The lobby opens 15 minutes before class begins and we recommend you arrive then for your first class. After your first class, be in the lobby at least 5 minutes before class start time. Keep in mind, you may have to wait for a train on occasion so give yourself a little extra time. Also, note that for security and to minimize disruption, we lock the door at class start time


Where should I park? 

There are 12 spots in the lot if everyone parks efficiently. There is additional parking on the street and at the bank across the street.   


Can I bring my child to the class?  

If your child is 14 or older, yes! They will need their own account at zoyoga.punchpass.com with their own email, purchase, and reservations. You will need to sign their waiver and attend class with them. If you have a younger child you would like to bring to class, please email julie@zoyoga.com.   


How do I cancel a membership?  

We make this very easy. Just send an email to julie@zoyoga.com. Your membership will be canceled within 72 hours.


What if I have a question not answered here?

Please email julie@zoyoga.com