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Meet Your Guide


Founder & Instructor

I grew up without a movement habit. No sports. No intentional exercise. I do recall my mom going to jazzercise a few times, but I also remember a lot of calorie-restricting as she did her best to manage the extra pounds many of the women in my family carry.

I was in college before it occurred to me to move my body intentionally for the sake of good health. I started with Cindy Crawford and Cher on VHS. It was awkward at first, but I soon realized I enjoyed it. I especially enjoyed combining exercise with great music because it spoke to the aspiring dancer in me.


My favorite thing about this healthy habit is feeling strong. I can lift a heavy piece of furniture by myself if the situation requires it, and I can keep up with the kids. I like being able to do most of want to do when I want to do it.

From home, I moved into group fitness and yoga classes where I could also enjoy the shared energy, community, and extra motivation of a live instructor. I discovered early on that an instructor could have a huge impact on my motivation and commitment. Now I get the best of both worlds – convenient workouts at home with all the community I love right on the screen!

​Through hundreds of hours of training and more than a decade of leading classes, I am happy to be your guide and cheerleader. I only deliver classes I'd want to take - carefully planned, set to fun music, with lots of variety of movement. I am passionate about making fitness not something that we have to do but something that we WANT to do. Together we can all look and feel our best.

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