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Habit Graduation: Moving from Two Minutes to Mastery

Congratulations! You’ve reached the final step of 30 Days to Better Habits. Today is “habit graduation.”

James Clear refers to this final step as habit graduation for two reasons. Not only because you are graduating from the challenge and finishing what you set out to do, but also because, in this step, we will discuss how to graduate and advance from your small, initial habit to larger, more impressive habits over time.

Jeanie Faue
Aug 02, 2023

Thanks Julie. I am still working on my new habit of morning meditation.


The Role of Family and Friends in Shaping Habits

One of the most powerful drivers of habits and behavior change is the social environment. The social environment influences our habits through the communities we belong to and the groups we are a part of.

We are all part of multiple communities. The groups we belong to shape our behavior. This is true in large and small ways. Large communities like nations, religions, and businesses can influence our behavior. And small groups, like what neighborhood you live in, the school you attend, or the organization you volunteer with, can also influence your behavior. The key factor in any of these communities is our sense of belonging. When you want to belong to a group, you want to repeat the habits of that community.

Jeanie Faue
Aug 02, 2023

I would have to say my job, I recently retired from, gave me friendship and a shared passion for high school sports 🏀 🏈 ⚽️ 🏒

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Visualize Your Progress and Stay the Course with a Habit Tracker

The most effective form of motivation is progress. When we get a signal that we are moving forward, we become motivated to continue down that path. When it comes to building better habits, a crucial step is to visualize the progress you’re making and to be able to see yourself move forward. Perhaps the most straightforward way to visualize your progress is with a “habit tracker.”

A habit tracker is a simple way to measure whether you did a habit. The most basic format is to get a calendar and cross off each day you stick with your routine. For example, if you meditate on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, each date gets an X. As time passes, the calendar becomes a record of your habit streak.


Change Your Habits, Change Your Life Welcome to the 30 Days...


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