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Increase NEAT

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Let's brainstorm some NEAT ideas. I've listed some below. Please add at least one additional idea in the comments.

· Changing your posture while sitting or lying down

  • Cleaning or doing any household chores

  • Climbing the stairs

  • Dancing

  • Finding a way to move during Netflix time

  • Gardening

  • Going on foot to take the bus or train

  • Singing

  • Standing rather than sitting some of the time

  • Stretching your body

  • Taking a up a new hobby

  • Walking or biking somewhere you would typically drive to

  • Washing your vehicle

Sheila A Degner
Kelly Alexander
May 31, 2023

Walk up and down the stairs during commercial breaks while watching TV (or between episodes if binging a streamed show)



NEAT is non-exercise activity thermogenesis. This is a fancy...


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