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Chapter 5 - The Best Way to Start a New Habit

  • the 1st law of behavior change is to make it obvious

  • the two most common cues are time and location

  • creating an implementation intention is a strategy you can use to pair a habit with a time and location.

  • the implementation intention formula is I will [behavior] at [time] in [location]

  • habit stacking is a strategy you can use to pair a new habit with a current habit

  • the habit stacking formula is "after I [current habit], I will {new habit]

Diana Allard
Mar 26, 2023

It was very helpful this week to create an intention for my exercise. Even though I was not able to join the Zoom class on Friday, I still walked at the mall, and did so again yesterday. I just finished ch 5, and think habit stacking will be helpful for me. Making a list of my daily habits and then stacking something on top of a couple seems like an easy enough thing to do. :)



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