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Reconnect To Your Hunger Cues!

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Listening to your internal cues will help you shift from external sources telling you when and how much to eat (meal plans, calorie-tracking apps) to internal sources: your hunger and satiety cues. Your internal cues are reliable and accurate and go with you everywhere! They also give you freedom from having to weigh, measure, count, or track what you're eating.

Minimum Participation to gain value

Week 1: Track your hunger/full numbers without trying to do anything different. Just gather data

Week 2, 3 & 4: Practice waiting to eat until hungry and stopping when full. We are not looking for perfection here. We are practicing this skill so that it happens more often with less thought.

Optional Participation to gain more value

Read the information I will send you on the following topics and more. Some of these subjects will come with some writing opportunities.

1. How to manage the desire to eat when not hungry.

2. How to manage a schedule that doesn’t allow you to eat according to your hunger cues.

3. How to manage not being hungry at all for several hours

4. How to manage emotional eating and eating out of boredom

5. How to overcome growing up in the Clean Plate Club


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  • September 28, 2022


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