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Reconnect To Your Hunger Cues!

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Hi Julie and group.

I am late to the hunger month. Trying to power read through everything, I like the hunger chart good reference points. I am going to try really hard to not go to the pantry and search for a snack. I typically find myself grabbing something, not being satisfied, grabbing something different, still not satisfied and the vicious cycle continues. I like the idea of waiting for 20 minutes and seeing if you are really hungry. I try drinking a glass of water to fill that empty feeling. The clean plate club...... oh yah, definitely a member. I am going to try writing down the food intake. I may be surprised!

Julie Zoril
Julie Zoril
Apr 18, 2023

Welcome to the group Jeanie! Sounds like you have some great goals. One word of advice. Try not to rely on willpower to make these changes. Instead, look for ways to disrupt your habits, create new systems, be more thoughtful. Look for small changes and let them compound over time. And let us know if you are getting hung up on something. We are here to share ideas.



Listening to your internal cues will help you shift from ext...


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