The Fitness Program You Will Stick With 

By using a variety of movements and playlists, we have created yoga, barre, and strength workouts that are as fun and engaging as they are effective. 

ZYF has been my favorite fitness experience by far. I've done the big and small gyms, personal trainers, boot camps, and several yoga studios. Julie mixes the best qualities of these into one wonderful environment . . . it's a boutique fitness experience without the exclusive attitude. ~ Gianna . 


I have been attending ZYF classes since 2011, and I have never before stuck with a workout program this long. The draw is the variety of classes, the great music, and the other women who work out with me. It is never boring, it is always challenging, yet modifications are available.
~ Jolene C.


Barre Fusion

Ballet-inspired movements, yoga, and traditional sculpting exercises to strengthen and tone the body and increase flexibility.


Drum Fitness

A mix of strength training exercises, barre, Pilates, yoga, and the powerful brain-boosting, stress-relieving effects of drumming.

Yoga Flow & Roll Zoom

Yoga Slow Flow

Work through body aches and busy minds with flowing movement and smooth transitions. 


Yoga Groove

A yoga sculpt class set to music. Flow from one pose to the next or pulse within a single pose to the beat. Yoga for people that want to move!