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What's the best way to get rid of lower ab fat?

Question: What's the best way to get rid of lower ab fat?

Answer: The best way to get rid of lower ab fat is by being in a consistent caloric deficit.


This means consistently eating fewer calories than you burn.


And guess what else? A caloric deficit is also the best way to eliminate upper ab fat. And middle ab fat. And side ab fat. And any other fat located on any other part of your body.


Lower ab fat is harder to lose because the lower stomach is often the first place body fat gets stored when you're gaining it, and the last place it gets burned when you lose it.


It's not that it's any different than the fat anywhere else on your body; it's just that it's the last spot you'll lose it from.


But the solution remains the same: a consistent caloric deficit with some additional time and patience.  


Question:  What's the easiest way to get into a calorie deficit? 

Answer: Make one or two small changes.


Let me ask you this? Have you maintained your weight for the last few months? If so, guess what? You are in maintenance. In other words, you eat and burn about the same number of calories. 


So what if you made one change? Let's use this as an example. Let's say you make dinner every night and often use two tablespoons of olive oil in your pan. That's 240 calories. You may be cooking for two, so you only consume 120 of those calories.

What if you switch to an olive oil spray with ten calories or less? Now, you are consuming 110 calories less daily and not missing it.

In a month, you lose a pound. It might not seem like much, but in a year, you are 12 pounds lighter, and you've done nothing but this one thing. 


You could find just one other similar change and lose 12 pounds in 6 months.


That's it! It doesn’t have to be hard!




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