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3 Simple Ways to Make Exercise a Habit

At ZYF, a group of us just finished a 30-Days-To-Better Habits challenge inspired by Atomic Habits. We each focused on a small habit of our choice, not necessarily one related to health and wellness. But I'd like to summarize and apply three of James Clear's concepts to the habit of regular exercise.

1. Develop a ritual to make starting easier: Stack your good habit onto another scheduled activity in your day. For instance, as soon as you get home, put on your exercise clothes, fill up your water bottle, and roll out your mat. Make this a ritual - something you do without much thought.

2. Start with a ridiculously small habit: James Clear's "2-Minute Rule" is a practical strategy focusing on the most critical part of succeeding - showing up. It's totally OK to start with a commitment to fill up your water bottle and roll your mat out, even if you don't actually do the class. Because you are establishing the habit of showing up. It's OK to do just the first 10 or 15 minutes of any class rather than the entire class. If you are having trouble getting this exercise habit going, start smaller.

3. Prioritize the habit over the results: What matters most in the beginning, is establishing a new normal and building a new routine that you will stick to - not the results you will get by sticking with it. Work on becoming the type of person who rarely misses a workout. THEN look forward to achieving your goals.


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