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14 Zoom Recordings

Use as many as you'd like as often as you'd like! Some of these links will expire in a week. Others will last longer.


Barre Fusion v3 - Holiday Pop

Progressive Strength - Holiday Pop

Slow Flow Yoga - Instrumental Holidays - Piano Boys/Lindsey Stirling

Drum Fitness - Dolly Parton's Rockstar album

Progressive Strength - Dolly Parton

Slow Flow Yoga - Enya's When Winter Came album 

Barre Fusion v2 - K pop

Slow Flow Yoga - music from around the world

Yoga Groove - gratitude/family/food playlist

Slow Flow Yoga - empowerment playlist 

Drum Fitness - George Micheal

Barre Fusion v4 - Lindsey Stirling

Yoga Groove - Maroon 5

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