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Five reasons you can be and should be imperfect and messy with your good nutrition habits.

  1. Imperfection and messiness are part of life. If you allow your habits the same reality, they will fit your life and be sustainable.

  2. Not allowing yourself to intentionally or unintentionally eat outside your normal nutrition habits at times will lead to defeatist thinking, which can cause a one-off meal to become a one-off day, or one-off day to become a one-off week.

  3. A meal and even a day that doesn't follow your usual nutrition habits will have no real impact. You have to eat 3500 calories more than your maintenance calories to gain an extra pound in a day, which is challenging.

  4. If you do see the number go up on the scale after an off day, you haven't gained body fat (see #3). Instead, that is water weight or possibly that extra food in your body waiting to be digested. 

  5. Enjoying your life and the people you love is part of a healthy lifestyle, even if that means not following your good habits 100% of the time.

So give yourself some wiggle room. Intentionally eat outside of your habits when the situation warrants it. And if you overeat and it's not planned, no problem - just move back to your good habits and trust you've done no damage.

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