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Get "toned" by working smarter, not harder.

Why working too hard may be getting you less results instead of more.

If you want to change your body composition, it's a simple two-step process.

  1. Eat right to reduce fat.

  2. Exercise right to increase muscle.

In this blog, we will discuss #2.

What builds muscle most efficiently? 

  1. Maximizing muscle recruitment and lifting to near failure

  2. Keeping most muscle work separate from other types of exercises.

  3. Feeling stable in the movement so you can focus on the muscle you are strengthing.

  4. Minimizing fatigue.

What does not drive muscle growth?

  1. Lifting light weights. It's fine to start this way to get familiar, but then you need to increase weight to get the results.

  2. Working out to excessive fatigue. That boot camp class might make you feel like you left it all on the floor, but workouts like that will interfere with muscle growth and performance in subsequent workouts.

  3. Trying to do too much at a time. Start with a basic (even modified) version of the exercise, and don't add on until you feel really solid there.

How do you know if what you are doing is not working?'

  1. You are not getting stronger.

  2. Your body composition is not changing.

  3. You feel fatigued hours after your workout.

How can you improve your results?

  1. Focus on quality over quantity to keep unnecessary fatigue at bay.

  2. "Program" your structured exercise. For example: Two progressive strength classes weekly on non-consecutive days to build strength. Two weekly barre classes to work on cardio endurance, balance, and coordination. One slow-flow yoga class a week for mobility, breathwork, and mind-body connection.

  1. Assess how you are feeling.  Does your current schedule leave you feeling energized or fatigued? If you feel fatigued, remove one of the classes that least supports your goals.  Have you plateaued? Swap out one type of class for another and see how that works. 

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