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Start Small & Succeed!

I recently read a statistic that only 8% of people successfully achieve their New Year's resolutions.

If you've ever resolved to make big changes in the new year and were unsuccessful, know that you are not alone!

When it comes to changing habits around health, one of the main reasons so many people fail is that, quite simply, they often try to do too much at once.

This is why, although we have the best intentions on January 1, we slide back into our old ways by mid-February.

​If you repeat a similar scenario yearly, may I offer you a tip?


​​Ideally, it's something that feels very doable. Like silly easy!!

It could literally be as simple as doing the first 5 minutes of any one of my videos or recordings. It’s the warm-up, and you won’t have to wear workout clothes or use specific equipment.  But you will move your body for it; I guarantee it will make you feel good.​

The research around habit change shows that when we practice the little things often, the successes stack up.

These 'small wins' create a change in our brain chemistry, which increases motivation.

When you complete a small actionable goal and take the time to celebrate it, you accomplish a few things...

1.     You prove that you are capable of starting new habits

2.     You show that you can keep the promises you make to yourself

3.     You create evidence for the possibility of change

The good news is that you can start today and try this out for free. 

I have free videos available!

If you want access to more content, you can use my 2-week free offer. You can cancel before your first $29 monthly payment if you don't love it.

There's really no need to wait!

Have a great week!



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